CEA, Sardinia​



beahc resort

& restaurant

On youtube there are many videos of Sardinia...
this seems me interesting and brief, 30 " to summarize the Sardinian Soul:

>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLo5QYn2RLk

Of course there are also many other Sardinian beers
>> http://www.lestradedellabirra.com/birrifici/sardegna/
and at least two breweries in Ogliastra
>> http://www.birrificiodogliastra.it/en/
>> https://www.birralara.it/en/

And for those who prefer wine, among the local wineries in the area:
>> https://www.cantinaogliastra.com/en
>> https://www.jerzuantichipoderi.it/en/

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